Finger-banged girl notices that her partner has perfectly framed herself with some antlers in the background, and gets the sex giggles, and it’s the best thing ever because sex is so much fun.




The funniest fucking porn blooper I’ve ever seen in my life. Uncontrollable antler-related giggling on the set of Hogtied.

She doesn’t take her fingers out at any point.

That’s…. the cutest thing ever….

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Because I like her girlish giggle.


Still being le lazypants. So here’s me meowing and then giggling cause I can’t take myself srsly. XDD

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This video is well worth a watch. Sensuous and personal. A kiss is such a warming magic.


Basorexia: a strong craving or hunger for kissing.

I am blessed with basorexia. In senior kindergarten my teacher called my parents to complain that I kept smooching during circle time. I suppose it seemed like a cuddly quiet time where a quick smooch would be appropriate, my teacher disagreed. I was an instigator of kissing tag, a champion of spin the bottle, the kind of girl in high-school who fucked no one but kissed everyone. 

This video is porn to me. I’m barely out of bed but I’ve watched it a few times and I want to kiss at least 4 of these people and it’s making me wet and I wanna play this game! Hmph, when teleportation is a thing tumbl buddies we’re doing this okay? Okay. 

(P.S. Today is the kind of day where I need distractions, please feel free to send some my way.)

(ED: After some research I have discovered that Anne Sorrentino (the gorgeous kissee and creator of the video) has a tumblr, check it out here.)

It’s rather fun watching her. Love her frequent “Oh shit, am I caught” expressions mixing with the “Oh shit, I HOPE I’m caught!” expressions.

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No sexiness here in this post… but I find the story so charming that life is better for having seen it.


Morning Fluff: When a group of Chinese cyclists came across a stray dog sleeping in the middle of the road, they gave her a drumstick, then pushed on with their 1,000-mile ride to Tibet. But to their surprise, the homeless mutt spent the next 24 days accompanying them on their trek.

Xiao Sa, or “Little Sa,” as the cyclists named her, climbed 10 mountains over 13,000 feet high, and she ran on uphill sections where many bikers prefer to take the bus.

The journey now completed, Zhang He, the cyclist who fed her the drumstick, says she is “a buddy and a friend.” He said he “would like to take the dog home and take care of her. She has been a stray on the road for a long time. She needs a home.”


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Two cute girls (Garfunkel & Oates) sing a cute song about accidentally masturbating, the way ya do.



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This Cartoon Network video is actually kinda sexy. And the song sticks in my head.

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I’ve watched several videos of the girl on the right and her music. They are often a bit risque and are as charming as she is cute.

Screw You - Kate Micucci